Self Discovery


Self discovery is one of the primary concerns of this generation, finding who you really are is really mandatory to be where you want in life. A hot topic today is trans-gender and what it means to be such, which can be confusing to some. Most of you know that trans-gender is when a man or woman changes to the opposite sex, but there is much more complexity than that.

Trans-gendered are normal people who do not feel comfortable in their skin and it’s a real issue, you don’t tell someone to suck it up and live their live because if they can’t love who they are if they aren’t true to their self. How would you feel if someone did not accept you, for who you are and were constantly putting you down, you would start hating yourself. So why in today’s society is it acceptable to make someone hate themselves for trying to be happy, something at least everyone deserves. In all actuality these people should be praised for their bravery, because they found themselves.

Another question you may be asking is who are trans-genders attracted to, well this answer is one of the easiest; changing gender does NOT change who you are attracted to. If a woman were attracted to a man they would still be attracted to a man after the change, same goes for men. If you find yourself dating a trans-gender you should not be concerned that they were a man or a woman before, you should applaud them and love them more, with them loving themselves allows them to love others because that insecurity isn’t there to hold them back.

Trans-genders are no different than anyone else and there is no need to call them abnormal because there is no NORMAL, if normal can’t be explained the same unanimously than it does not exist. This day in age everyone should be accepted, frankly if you can’t accept someone for showing you who they are, you are the problem. There is no room for hatred, so if you can’t allow one of god’s beautiful creations into your life, they are too good for you. Please take the time to get to know the person inside of ones body because that is where you will find true acceptance.


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